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A private equity backed sporting goods company, has partnered with BES for the past four years on multiple searches ranging from external board member appointments to executive level sales, marketing and human resources placements. BES has also delivered on key strategic marketing director level positions.


Below are a few of the key differentiating factors between Tim Barton and BES as compared to other recruitment firms:



BES is a business partner and committed to the best interests of the client. BES is always focused on identifying the most qualified "best fit" candidate vs. "complete the transaction and collect the fee".


There is a keen understanding of both required experiences and the importance of organizational culture fit. Tim Barton dedicates himself to understanding our business and our company.


BES demonstrates accountability and ownership throughout a search engagement and consistently communicates status.


BES will present a pre-qualified short-list of candidates. There is rarely a misalignment once the candidate(s) are presented to our company. They don't waste our time.

Tim and BES meet their commitments - and they speak with integrity.


We will always place an initial search request with BES because of their culture, values, and results orientation. Consistent with that alignment, Tim will compare the specific search with the core competency of his firm. If he believes the search is not optimally aligned with the functional strengths of his company, he will offer counsel and provide alternatives. He has demonstrated his commitment to our needs as his client first, which is a highly respected quality by our company.


Please allow this letter to serve as a strong recommendation to partner with Barton Executive Search (BES). I welcome more in-depth inquiries from any company representative evaluating the capabilities of Tim Barton and Barton Executive Search.


Chief Human Resources Officer

Private Equity Backed Sporting Goods Company



* For additional information on the source of this referral, please contact Kelly Baranovic at: 770-512-7315.


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