At Barton Executive Search we are united by the shared values and goals of our company. We embrace our values through the idea of inclusiveness and encourage respect for the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and/or beliefs of all our employees. By building on our common values and goals, we are able to create an advantage from our differences.


Our workplace environment encourages collaboration, which brings our different talents and experiences together to produce better ideas and superior services.


We consider diversity a mindset of inclusiveness, respect and cooperation - a visible core value that helps drive the way we do business with our client partners and strengthens our bonds with a multicultural community of friends and candidates.


We feel it is our responsibility to be the advocate for diversity within both our candidate and client partner communities. The recruitment of diverse individuals is just the beginning step in developing a truly effective and productive business environment. We feel that the development, retention and inclusion of diverse employees are the keys to winning in the marketplace.


"Diversity recruitment must not be reactive; it is a function of every manager, everyday"


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